Dental Support Plus Franchise is based on a proven 8-year business model by the Management team. The Management team has an extensive history of marketing accomplishments within their development of four dental offices. They planned, funded and implemented various programs and facilities over a six year period. Including 32 months or 2.7 years of providing marketing and sales services for four dental offices.

The Following is a summary of their accomplishments in bringing new patients to, and supporting income production for, those offices.

  • The initial development and validation phases combined required over six years of planning, testing, adjusting and retesting.
  • The first development office, located in North Phoenix, functioned for the 32 months covered by this evaluation.
  • The other three offices located in Gilbert and Chandler operated for approximately 14, 13 and 11 months of the evaluation period respectively.

NOTE:  The numbers used in this evaluation come from two sources. Management generated a variety of sales reports throughout this period. Many of the results reported here come from those reports. The North Phoenix office initially used Eagle Soft and later switched to Dental Vision, practice management software. The Gilbert One, Gilbert Two and Chandler offices used Dental Vision practice management software throughout the evaluation period. Many of the reported results provided here come from those databases.


Management provided 17,490 new patients to their four offices during the evaluation period. Daily averages by office were: 17 for North Phoenix, 8.9 for Gilbert One, 5.4 for Gilbert Two and 5.8 for Chandler. The overall average was 11.5 per day. The reason why the newer offices averaged fewer daily patients than North Phoenix office was because management determined it had sent too many daily patients to North Phoenix for its dentists to effectively sell and service. So management purposefully decreased the daily flow of new patients to the newer offices. That turned out to be a good decision as those offices averaged $675,056 in collectable production and $547,319 actual collections during their first year in business. According to ADA statistics, those first year totals rival 17th year results for average dental practices in the United States.

With the North Phoenix office, management utilized two uncommon marketing methods. A grand opening event at the beginning and a patient appreciation event that was held one year later yielded a total of 1,196 new patients for the practice. Door-hanger ads placed on consumers’ garage doors, featuring dental, gift cards patterned after gift cards provided by department stores, garnered an additional 926 patients.

Management’s greatest success came through direct marketing. They utilized business-to-business as well as business-to-consumer approaches both by phone and face-to-face. While both were effective, phone success excelled with a 60.3% conversion rate. Management has developed a variety of phone approaches for getting and converting referrals to new patients. They also use multiple phone contacts to prequalify, educate and sell prospective patients so their dentists received qualified patients that were able and motivated to buy dental services.

Management also developed a proven means of reactivating patients who stopped their treatment appointments before their work was finished. This activation process increased North Phoenix collections over a five-month test period by $83,934. That expanded to projected, annualized collections was $201,442.

Management’s proven marketing results demonstrate that their methods can activate existing patients sufficiently to increase an average practice’s annual collections by 27%. They also provided more than five times as many new patients as are needed to conservatively expand an average dental practice’s annual collections by 70%. The sales accomplishments of the management team far exceeded the sales results needed to completely fulfill the joint-venture business plan.

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